Foo Fighters - Firefly Festival 6/20/2014 by fukurella
We’re just tip-toeing around. We don’t want to be all, “hello, look at us, we’re fucking amazing”. Sam McTrusty (via fytwinatlantic)

Happy Great Divide day! 3 year wait for this new album and it’s beautiful. Thank you Twin Atlantic for always being so lovely ☺️👏❤️ (at HMV Argyle)
After the failed attempt of Sam and I trying to convince security to let us have a group photo we decided selfies would do. Even recreated the titp selfie 🌚🌚 luv them (at HMV Argyle)
GOOD EH? christ.

It’s so beautiful! 

Great Divide, wow.


Twin Atlantic - Fat Sams, Dundee (by Jessica Newell Photos)
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So go home,
Sober up.
Take the weight off your feet and just chill.

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Last night I saw Twin Atlantic for the 14th time and they never fail to put a great show on! So I got to the venue at 8am (crazy? I know) Met some old and new faces and had such a great time! I met Barry, Craig, Ross and Sam and shook Craig’s hand (how embarrassing) I was centre barrier for the…

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